Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My real life....

has interrupted my blogging life. Sheesh, yes....I do have a life outside of the blogosphere.....a little one but a full one...well right now anyway. I have missed my regular blogging....as I am sure you have too, baw-ha-ha...I give my self way too much credit.
Anyway....more on that in a bit, now for an update....a long picture-y one.

The weather has finally been nice enough for me to venture out of the coziness of home....for a few minutes. It has snowed a few days in a row and on Sunday......yes that is how far behind I am....it stopped so I bundled up the kids, had Dave dig out the jogger for me and off we went to the park.

We ended up cutting trail and I wished for ski's rather that tires, I think a sled is in order!

We didn't get too far and turned back, way too much work plowing through all the snow. However it was so pretty! I loved winter that day! And actually I still am kinda liking it, it is still really pretty out there, driving had been another story and I have had my truck in 4x4 lock for traction on the ice, but now that it has warmed up a bit I am finding things to like. And it is really Christmasy too!

Sunday evening we headed over to my parents place for Turkey dinner #1 and gift opening #1.
Three more to go!(gift openings that is)

I come by it naturally...here is the proof! (my dad and grandpa)

The ladies who slaved so hard.....Gram, Aunt Deb, and my mom. Awesome meal by the way, Thank you!

Hi Grandpa....and since no one ever takes pic's of me here is a self timer shot.

Toy assembled once we got home, thank you Grandpa and Gram, the kids love this thing!

Monday. Recovery day. Why? Because I was up till the wee hours of the morning slaving away on projects.....I really cannot share since they involve Christmas for some of you. Anyway....Ethan....folowing in Grandpa Grumpy's footsteps......driving truck.

My mom's mood. Make sure to check this as you come into the house!

My little bro Phil and his friends taking off for the bowl.

Last night Dave was going to take the kids out for a bit so I could continue making dents in projects, but we found Ethan splashing in the toilet. Bath time instead.
And crafts.....not part of my projects, but a few others to keep them out of mine.

And for some internet love....the kids are doing a coloring contest hosted my the super cool OMSH(click) and we made magnets inspired and pattern shared by the crafty and cool cat over at Bethany Actually(click)...though my printer was running low on ink and we couldn't find the right glass stones at the store, so they are no where near as cool as hers!

Now here is a little hint at what I have been working on rather than blogging. The moment the kids are in bed I drag everything out and set up shop, work my butt off till my eyes need toothpicks and then crash into the sack. I have missed you all, but I am still kickin!
And so excited for Christmas gift opening #2 tomorrow night, yipee, I looove Christmas!!!!
Oh, ya, I am in the mood!


Kami said...

The weather is sure more inhabitable these days... we have been enjoying it too. I need some of your mood though! Maybe Saturday when we start our first celebration.

Those magnets are da bomb! My boys would be drooling since those characters are their faves.


Love the pic of you. We should get together and take pictures of each other, I have the same problem over here ;-)

Badness Jones said...

Seriously Anna....do you have some kind of mommy superpowers? How do you get so much done? I am in awe....

And thanks for the colouring contest link! Girlie will love that!

Anonymous said...

we can hardly wait for you to share gift opening and turkey with us! We cooked a turkey on putting up the christmas tree day and are looking forward to another. see you on the 24th! Could you bring some snow with you?
grandma and poppa

bethany actually said...

I think your magnets turned out great! Aren't they fun to make? :-)

Anonymous said...

Of course we love the pic of the Ethan driving the truck - true Grandpa's boy!
Counting the days.
Love the Grumpys

Angella said...

OMSH and Bethany are crafty inspirations, hey?

I think your magnets are GREAT!

Merry Christmas :)