Sunday, December 02, 2007

A sneak peak

I have so much to post but I am so wiped, it will wait. We are in full Christmas swing here now, and busy!
I do have to say it looks as though I scared you all away with my game post. I understand, it involves work and commitment and this time of year is crazy enough, so thank you for letting me off the hook.
However, I do have a gift up my sleeve, so....
That game was a one day deal so now on to the next thing................da, ta, da......what you all have been waiting for with baited breath......
my draw for a mystery gift. I was going to make it for a milestone post number, or for reaching a certain number of hits but I am in the giving mood!

So....the draw will be made from my list of commenter's. To enter you must leave a comment and in the comment tell me what your favourite drink of the season is.
Mine is Caramel Latte....I have been chugging back 4 a day......bzzzzzzz, wish there was a decaf version, actually I haven't looked, maybe there is. So yummy!

All are welcome, family, friends, random readers, everyone to get in the running for the mystery gift, no strings attached.
You have from now to the 3rd at midnight to get in on it and then from that list a winner will be randomly selected. A photo of the package will be posted on the day of the draw and the winner announced. (on the 4th) You MUST check back then to see if your name is posted and then leave a comment with a way to contact you for mailing info. If you do not claim the prize within 24 hrs a new winner will be chosen.
Good luck! I have been so excited to do this, it will be a good one!


prettyinpink said...

I am an egg nog fan over the holidays. I also love a hot cup of tea on a cold day!
Love the pic of Eth in the sunglasses too, what a guy!

Kami said...

Love Ethan in the sunglasses! How cute is he?!

My favourite drink of the holidays is a carmel latte too.... actually it's my favourite ANYTIME. And I always get decaf.. you just have to ask the barista to make decaf


Karen MEG said...

Your tree is just lovely; we need to do that, maybe tonight. I love Christmas, and your blog design is so Christmasy! THanks for putting me in the modd!
I'm a huge coffee fan, but nothing says Christmas like a coffee with Bailey's on Christmas Eve. Yes, I'm an alkie LOL!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

My favorite holiday drink is eggnog latte. MMMM!!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, don't really do 'holiday' drinks but the one that perks me up anytime is a glass of OJ with an "emergen-c" packet stirred in. Just had one, wonderful :). If it has to be really a holiday thing, then hot spiced cider!

Angella said...

Hazelnut latte.



I drink it all year round, but I like routine ;)

Amy.E said...

Holiday drinks! Yummy! A peppermint pattie--all that healthy goodness of dark hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps!

Holly said...

Do I really have to pick one? I'm going with a london fog. steamed milk, tea and vanilla, yum-oh!

Catharine said...

This certainly is an ingenious way to increase your comments log!!!

Anyway, it sounds fun to play along so...egg nog latte all the way, baby!

Family Adventure said...

Isn't it funny how people (myself included) will comment on this and not on the one requiring work??
I saw your other post...but seriously, I *suck* at anything homemade. I just couldn't partake.

Also, I'm too far away in Norway for you to send anything to...

So, I'll just focus on how adorable your kidlets look and how beautiful the tree is :)


Kim Novak said...

I am a huge drinker (non-alch! of course LOL!) These drinks really comfort me this time of year. I am addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mochas, Gloria Jeans Christmas Blend for regular coffee, and egg nog for a cold drink. Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie!

My favorite Christmas drink is Cranberry, gingerale and vodka. UMMM!

Do you think you could come to my house and do my tree? I haven't had time!

The cuties are growing so fast! I really look forward to getting on the blog to see them.

Miss you lots!
Love Auntie Kathy

Badness Jones said...

1/2 eggnog, 1/2 milk with Kahlua on ice...mmm - that's what my mom drank and she used to let us sip hers....I still feel like it's a treat!

Your kids are so sweet - and I'm going to go read your games post, because I missed it!

Madame Bluestocking said...

My favorite drink is caramel apple cider - though I usually am sick from all the sugar halfway through one!

Anonymous said...

The tree looks great! Bet you had funny putting it all together.
I enjoy a cup of eggnog for a cold drink and of course COFFEE!
Thanks Anna,
Hope I win!!!
Aunt Deb :)

Jessica said...

Egg Nog latte during the holidays for sure (although the peppermint mochas are a close second!)

Anonymous said...

London fog or Mint Mocca.

Anonymous said...

I like vanilla coffee for a hot drink and rhubarb juice mixed with ginger ale for a cold drink. Gram always has that juice at Christmas supper, and I really, really like it! Mom C.

BeachMama said...

I am totally bummed that I missed your giveaway! I have been stuck trying to get all my stuff done for Christmas, I just finished all the cards, so I am giving myself a computer break :).