Monday, December 31, 2007

The Worst night EVER!

Last night was horrible!
It started off alright with Ethan going to bed around 9:30-10 ish and Kaitlyn went down around 11. It did not last long though. Ethan was up three times by 1 am and just wanted to use me as a soother. The moment I would try to delatch he would scream and scream so I would nurse again in fear that he would waken Kaitlyn. Sure enough this went on until 3 am and she woke screaming for me and wondering what was up with "Eth". I hadn't slept yet and Dave only snippets, and to top it off my joints were killing me, must have been the barometric pressure, or maybe too much caffeine the day before, so I was not having a good night!
I wound up in the rocking chair with Ethan and then Kaitlyn decided that she only needed a few hours sleep and wanted to change her jamies, play baby, read books and then watch Dora. 
Dave was up with her till 5:45! Ethan had finally just drifted off and we all crashed at 6:00AM!!!! Dave then had to get up 30 mins later for work....I should call him and see how he is holding up. I am guessing we wont be doing much in the celebration area tonight.
Now that I have vented I shall treat you with cuteness, the mornings are so redeeming!
Bible story time for baby.

Furious he cannot fit into the car. This is an issue every time he sees it.
Tea time with daddy.

More daddy time, aren't they swell little helpers?

Ooops another tea time shot. I cannot figure out how to rearrange the photos from the Mac, it was a lot easier on the PC!

Day dreamer.
"heping mommy"
Craft of the day.

Just one shot of the pig pen. You would just die if you saw all the messy house shots I took so I will spare you! I was having a break down by the time Dave came home last night, I am positive it was PMS related, but also built upon by clingy children and having to stare at the house all day long. He took the kids out to pick up a few things so I could rush around and get cleaned up, it looks much better now!
But as I have sat here typing I could smell a beautiful Tahitian orchid scent, then it hit me, not good, I looked up and the TV stand is well moisturized in a thick layer of 24 hour hydrating lotion. 
I just cleaned it and Kaitlyn, they are shiny and smell beautiful, the wood has a gorgeous sheen to it! (Pictures later of them)
This is what I get for trying to blog while they are awake! I'm offa here, I hear Ethan into the travel mug drawer in the kitchen.
Have a fantastic day all!


Family Adventure said...

LOL, I had to laugh at the moisturizer story...!

Hope the kids sleep better tonight, and that you get to catch up on your sleep, too. 2008 will get here regardless :)

Happy New Year!


BeachMama said...

I sure hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. It sounds like we had similar nights a few Provinces apart.

Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year!

JeniBeans said...

Anna, I swear, even though we don't know each other at all I love you more and more the more pictures I see of your house. You are braver than me in that you will post them! lol I feel so bad that my house is devastated most of the time...and I'm not saying yours is but because it's not "perfect"(<--flylady would kill me for using that word!)it makes me feel more normal.

I appreciate your posts. Honestly. =)

Moisturizer on the entertainment center. Well, if it cleans it and makes it smell good too, how can it be wrong? lol