Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yesterday Kaitlyn kept asking me if she could use my camera. I finally got sick of the pleads and dug out our old camera...which still needs to get sent off to be fixed, the battery door is taped on. "Cheese Emmmmy!"
Ethan has been standing more. Still not walking, but getting better at his balance. I thought he might walk by Christmas..he will be 16 months then, but now I am not so sure. He is really taking his time!
The neighborhood mall had reindeer for the kids to see. They had a booth set up and you could get your photo taken with one----for $10.00! And all you got was a little home printer picture.
It was all kinda cheap looking and a bit of a rip. $5.00 I could have handled, but please!
I sunk a pic of Emily next to one----they had signs saying 'no outside cameras'. So I didn't use the flash. Maybe next year if we are feeling rich we'll take the plunge.
On to the next mall. Kaitlyn and Emily were still towing the camera around and whenever I took a pic, the little mini-me had to too. "Cheese mom."

The evening was spent relaxing by the fire. Ethan pretended to play Wii with the remote and when I tried to get a romantic-ish pic of my hubby and I.....yah!
Funny guy.


Kami said...

Your kids are adorable! They look so much alike and being so close in age you would almost think they are twins :-)

I like the picture of you and your hubby, it has character!

BeachMama said...

oh your kids are so cute. I gave J my old camera too, I love that he takes his own photos and I don't care so much if he drops this one ;).

Reindeer at the mall, now that is original, expensive but original.

Family Adventure said...

Those pictures are great. How sweet that Kaitlyn wants to be just like mommy and snap photos everywhere. And that last "romantic" picture of you and your hubby -- LOL!

Heidi :)

prettyinpink said...

Anna, I want to drop something off for the kids...when is a good time for you?

p.s. great pics!