Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh...yeah...Merry Christmas!!!!

Ya, I am still alive. I fell off  the blogosphere there for a week. No it didn't hurt thought I am afraid I did suffer withdrawal, I didn't even get the chance to check my e-mails once!

I had a nightmare a few nights in that everyone I knew had done daily posts and I would be reading for weeks to catch it turns out I do have a ton of catching up to do but not as bad as I dreamt
The following night my dream was a little better, like my brain was trying to compensate for the nightmare the night before and my dream was that no one else posted while I was gone so I missed nothing, as if that would ever happen. 
Though as a kid I used to think the world stopped revolving if I left the room. That all the shoppers in the stores would freeze the moment I walked out, reality is such a downer!

But no, the week off was not intentional believe me, I intended to post a week ago and let you all know I was heading out of town on vacation...but I was so busy and so pooped I just figured I would write on the road. Ha, ha, ha!!!
Then next thing you know we are home! I have so much to post about and tons of pics but they are all on the laptop and we cannot find the network key to get the internet back up and running on it, so this is also my first official post from my iMac. I had a few pics on the camera from last night so sorry, you will just have to wait till the evening for the real post.
Festive sprinkles, mmm!
My old tired diaper back pack. It was a Nestle freebie----I love freebies:) from over 2 years ago and it was so toast. The snaps wouldn't hold it closed and the inside was torn out, things were forever falling out of it and it became hard to carry. Sad thing is it was like that for almost a year and I just never got around to getting a better one, not like I don't have a closet full of other huge bags I could have used, but it seemed  the right size so I endured.
Until this week that is. With Christmas gift card in hand I dragged Dave and the kids off to the Lululemon(click) in downtown Calgary on boxing day and found a replacement.

Smashing wouldn't you say?


Kami said...

Love the new bag! Glad you had a good Christmas holiday and look forward to hearing about it :-)

Angella said...

Sweet bag!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine :)