Thursday, December 06, 2007

Roughin' it

Painting during the day. Not something I do very often-unless it involves a kiddy craft table.
Today the kids napped together, can I get a hip-hip-hooray?! Yes, I had me time for half an hour in the middle of the day! I squeaked in a half hour nap with them and then painted till they woke up. I didn't realize till after they had woken up that I need to straighten out a few spots on the flake, I will get to that before it hits the shop.
I am still working on getting into this holiday spirit. Christmas is the season I look forward all year long and then this year it just kinda fizzled as it got closer. I do have a lot on my plate and maybe if I cleared it and moved all my commitments to the new year I would do better.
There is a lot more to how I feel but I am supposed to be looking for joy this month, sigh, lets see...oh, right, the kids napped and I painted, yipee!

Something that I have forgotten to mention is....well in the photo above...there was once a microwave there. A few days ago it made a funny buzzing noise and gave up the ghost. Living-roughing it- without a microwave has been a bit of an adjustment, but I am actually coping quite well.
We only used it to reheat food so I am doing that in the oven instead---which I do not mind at all since it is freezing cold here and any excuse for more heat is welcome!

With Dave working the late shift this week I was so glad that Em and Phil came over for a few hours this evening. I usual it is never ending. I seriously do not know how other moms do it---keep a clean house and accomplish other stuff. I always have a million unfinished projects on the go and house work and other commitments, and it just does not come together!

Finding time to play with the kids, feed them, bath them and do other stuff, just the house stuff, I can't even do that! I feel like such a failure! Maybe for Christmas rather than getting more stuff I just need storage solutions and an extra 5 hours a day. Or, just a bigger house so I can spread it out more, wait, that would mean would also have more to clean, yikes!
I think my mind is just too creative and I start way too many things and have no time to finish them, and then half way through don't want to finish them or am so excited by the next idea in my head I just want to start it too. All the while I should have done a load of laundry or swished toilets or something more productive.


Family Adventure said...

I think any of us would like an extra 5 days for Christmas. Except I think I'd use at least 4 of them for sleeping :)

Love the snowflake.


Badness Jones said...

I don't manage to keep my house clean...I think those moms have secret clones, or maybe they're really android/fem-bots?

Kami said...

I don't think any of us can keep up, some just pretend they can. At least that's my theory and it helps me sleep at night so it's all good.

Dirt won't kill us!

That's my mantra...

course the hot wheels cars on the floor just might but I am too tired to worry about that

Love your snowmen and the new snowflake painting, it's beautiful :-)

Mary said...

I hear you on the unfinished projects! That sounds like me. I get all excited to start something and get tired of it, then I see something else that looks fun and I start that!!! The mom's that keep their houses clean must be constantly cleaning and not doing anything fun.

Kim Novak said...

I have to confess a sin of envy... I come to your blog in an attempt to find secrets of how to do what you do. I am also a highly creative person with unfinished projects, but feel Flylady really helped me with that one. But I highly envy the fun you have with your kids, the projects, the baking, the art, the play time. Seriously, I think you are the one with the secret clone!!! I can't keep my house clean either (although I did with Flylady's help before baby #2) nevermind do what you do. Do you have a secret, or advice? You should teach a fun-mom class - or just do a post about a typical day in your home so I know where I'm going wrong! Love You!
Cousin Kimberley

The Chatty Housewife- said...

OOO, no microwave, that would be a hard one!

Madame Bluestocking said...

Being odd, I have noticed what the little buckets in the first picture say. I do hope that there are four more buckets, or at least two, lest your Christmas message be somewhat of a double entendre!