Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry, merry, Oh, soooooo merry!

This morning I finally got the kids out to It's a Blast. Kaitlyn has been begging for days to go and play and since I had the house mostly cleaned up as of last night I thought today would be a good day to get out and have a blast elsewhere! (and keep our house from getting messed up)

I was also a beautiful day so on our way home we picked up Em and Phil. I still had a lot of work to do to get ready for the evening....they play so well together despite the age gaps....though it is kinda more like baby sitting for them I guess.

This evening we had my side of the family over for dinner and then we had our gift opening since we are all going separate ways this year for Christmas.
I was so excited to see the kids open their gifts and I was sure that my gift would be dull in comparison....I couldn't have cared less if I even got anything...just seeing them light up would have been enough for me. Don't get me wrong-I love presents, but I just love to see their little faces light up!
Then Dave brought out my gift.....
...and I got a monkey face....
I should get an award for the faces and dances I did, I must have looked like a nut.
I sure didn't know I could get as excited over something as I did. I was, just soooo happy.
Why? you ask.
Like get to the point already.
OK, ok!
I got a ....well you can see in the pic below!

Hugs, big hugs and kisses go out to my man! He sure knows the way to this girls heart!!!!!!
Oooooo, I just love him!
He is the best!
The bomb!
Oh, yeah!

With a bow on top!
I just love my dad and brother Phil's faces in this was a good one!

Kaitlyn had unwrapped the brushes and canvases once already but had no trouble acting excited all over again.

Now for the ones I was waiting for...the ones I was anticipating.
"Oh, my...Ahhhhh, kitch!!!!"



"Brrrrrrrmmmmmm, choo-choo"
The excitement wasn't quite as high for Ethan, he was tired and cranky, but once he saw his train table he stood and played for an hour.
I think they liked their gifts....I sure like mine.....I think. I have yet to get to know it, but it sure is pretty!


Kami said...

Was someone manning the video camera? Seriously dances and excitiment like that need to be documented.

Glad you got what you wanted and you shared in the joy of your kids excitement!

Karen MEG said...

What an awesome time... and you lucky thing you... very spoiled... but then you deserve it. Yes, I too, would love to see a video of dancing!
And that kitchen.... little G has the same one, we got it for her last year and she LOVES it.
So much fun... I can't wait for the festivities here either... only a few more days...

Badness Jones said...

I am foaming at the mouth with jealousy. We're gonna expect daily posts from now on!

Catharine said...

Awesome! I am so glad you had so much fun! With all that loot, though, is there going to be anything left on Christmas morning?!

Madame Bluestocking said...

I'm SO jealous. Seriously. I wish I lived next door so I could borrow it.