Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh, joy!

Paint love.....washable!

We finally have gifts out. After naps together yesterday they were pretty excited too see "pesents".
However Kaitlyn was really sad that she couldn't open them and started to cry when she learned they were not all for her.
This has been a new trend with her...emotional crying. While watching Wonder pets a few weeks ago the baby chic got sap on her wings and could no longer fly. Kaitlyn cried so hard we had to fast forward to the rescue to calm her down.
Then last week we watched Cars and at the part where they play sad music and show the city in its former glory Kaitlyn's lip started to quiver. She kept looking at me as if to say "mommy why am I going to cry?"
i said, it's ok Kaitlyn, let it out. She sobbed.
She gets it from me, I am a sap, I had a lump in my throat when the sad music came on too, poor sweetpea.

"I'm dreaming of a ....."


You are in trouble mister!

Mesmerized by anything Christmasy on TV.

Caught red handed!
I re-wrap every day.
She knows better, but does not seem to understand when Christmas is and keeps coming up with new excuses so she can sneak open a few gifts. When I caught her today she said "mommy no look" pointed to the kitchen and said, "no look, go away."
Ha! Fat chance there missy!


The Chatty Housewife- said...

What do you use to get your childrens various pieces of art off your walls?!

familymclean said...

water, we only have washables! There is still that acrylic still on the wall though, any tips?
Oh and I will get that recipe to you, soon!

Family Adventure said...

LOL - no look mommy! Too, too cute.

You are doing a fabulous job with these kids, Anna. I hope you know that!!

Heidi :)

Badness Jones said...

I love it! Mommy no look, go away! You've got a smart cookie there!

Kami said...

what a firecracker that Kaitlyn is!

"mommy no look!"

Tee hee! I don't want to alarm you but you are so in for it when she is a teenager!


Oh and I second Family Adventure's comment that you are doing a fabulous job - You are!

Angella said...

What sweethearts you have!

I concur - you are a fabulous Mommy!