Saturday, December 08, 2007

I went on a date!

As you all know I cannot crochet. So my mom, being so kind whipped up a few cute little hats. I hope I am next on the list(wink, wink, mom).
Exciting news.....Dave and I went on a date! We dropped the kids off at my parents place and then did some shopping and went out for lunch. It was so nice and so weird. Half way through the meal Dave got pretty quiet so I asked him what was going on in his head. He said, " I just wonder how the kids are, what they are doing, and, this is just weird!"
I missed them too, but it was really nice to get out alone and be able to carry a full conversation without interruptions.

Maybe another 27 hour log. This year no matter where we have bought fire logs from they have not been burning well. They smolder and the paper does not burn and they don't get very hot and then burn forever. Then they are supposed to last only 3 hours and so far we have had 23-27 hour burns! I think we really need to get out and cut some real wood! What the heck do they put in those fire logs?!

Painting, again.

Tonight my brother and his wife came over and hung out for the evening. Did you know he can play a duet all by himself? It is amazing to watch!

Kaitlyn is quite adamant that this is NOT Noah, it is "Eeee"(Ethan). Must be because they are both bald.

Now I want to address a few things. One is a comment on this picture(click) from Madame BlueStocking(click).

She stated this,

"Being odd, I have noticed what the little buckets in the first picture say. I do hope that there are four more buckets, or at least two, lest your Christmas message be somewhat of a double entendre!:p"

Ha, ha, you will have to take that up with my sister in-law(click) (I think, and I apologize if it was someone else) who gave them to me for Christmas a few years ago. I wondered what people would think, it does strike me odd as well, but there are only two.

The second comment to address was from my sweet cousin Kim(click). This is from a few posts ago and my last post-the one below this one was kinda in response to this comment:

"I have to confess a sin of envy... I come to your blog in an attempt to find secrets of how to do what you do. I am also a highly creative person with unfinished projects, but feel Flylady really helped me with that one. But I highly envy the fun you have with your kids, the projects, the baking, the art, the play time. Seriously, I think you are the one with the secret clone!!! I can't keep my house clean either (although I did with Flylady's help before baby #2) nevermind do what you do. Do you have a secret, or advice? You should teach a fun-mom class - or just do a post about a typical day in your home so I know where I'm going wrong! Love You!"

Kim, I think you are amazing and you are the one behind my inspiration to get things done. When the house is a dive and laundry is piled up and all I want to do is sit and blog, I think of you and imagine that you are probably standing on a chair dusting the tops of the doors because you are all caught up on everything and the kids are tucked in and your husband is happy.

I want your secrets!

I could teach a fun mom class and you could teach a cleaning class, together or if we each had a clone of one another we could rock this planet!

So, no, I have no advice to give, I wish I was that pulled together.

However there is a comment that I got today and it really is how I feel deep down as well, I just need to be reminded of it often.

It was from my new blogging friend Karen Meg(click) who said,

"...Don't sweat all the small house stuff. It's still there and will still be there, but precious time with the kids goes by so quickly without you even noticing it."

So true! I will clean when they are older and just try to keep up with what I can now. I don't want to miss a moment!!!


Badness Jones said...

I miss going on dates....sigh. Hurray for you! And I love the hats....add me to your mom's list!

Angella said...

Great post.

We had a date night last night - they are SO GREAT.

But we too spend a lot of the time talking about the kids.


Kami said...

Dates are the best! And what is it with Santa's mantra all of sudden being offensive in the wrong context?! I am up with being politically correct but c'mon, it's Santa people. He was saying HO HO HO LONG before it became a bad word in projects. Seems to me they should have to stop using not the other way around.


and I am going to stop sweating the small stuff too. Except when the Christmas tree fell over. We had to clean that up.

Oh the joy of the season!


Anonymous said...


Your tree looks awesome. Yes the HO buckets are from me. And I think the HO HO HO was split up between you Mare and Mom??? And I guess I just was not thinking about what I might have been calling you! Oh well that means the same for Mare and Mom. Congrats on the date, I am sure it was well needed and deserved. Even at 15 and 12 I still call all the time (what did people do before cell phones!!)

Finally regarding your house. Your kids will never remember how clean the house was growing up. They will only remember how much fun they had!!! You give them lots of great memories.

Love Auntie Lolo

Catharine said...

Hi Anna!

I just received the "mystery package"! Everything is so sweet...I especially love the snowflake ornament made by Kaitlynn and I love the rock magnet that you painted (what a great idea!) Putting the 4 santa chocolates in works out perfect as I will share with each of my kids...they will be the perfect addition to the gingerbread activities we are doing this afternoon. The girls are working on a gingerbread house together and the boys and I will work on a gingerbread train. Thanks again, Anna - I love getting things in the mail!