Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well, hello!

I'm back. Whew!
This season is busy! Tuesday was a recovery day....recovering from Monday. The kids and I spent the day lounging around at my parents place and when Dave was finished work he came over too. We stayed for dinner and hung out till it was the kids bed times. We have found that if Kaitlyn does not have her nap she goes to bed a few hour earlier than she would otherwise....around 9. So we are trying to keep her as stimulated as possible and create a new routine....of sorts. We are now 4 days into this and so far it is going all right, we had one day that she got up at 4 to play babies and read books, but other than that it has been good.
I must learn that I just cannot jam pack my days with too many activities, we just cannot afford to take too many recovery days, sets us back!

Now for the next day....Wednesday, my little brother Phil's 13th birthday.

We baked hot cocoa cookies, mmmmmm.
Then Phil and Em came over so mom could prep for Phil's day and I could have a bath, all by myself, yipee! I set the kids up to make puppets and it looked like so much fun I got in on it too.
Time for the show.
After the show I got the bath, it was soooo nice!
Happy Birthday Phil!
It was also Dave's work dinner so we left the kids at my parents, for 3 1/2 hours, the longest we have ever been away from them! And they were fine, never even missed us! Poor Dave has come down with a cold, doesn't he look happy about it?!
And every contractor got a gift...a shuffle.
Sweet, I think, Dave already has a mini and for Christmas I got him, shhh, he might read this, never mind, that will have to wait.
Anyway, maybe he will give the shuffle to me, not that I have any use for it. I just don't really listen to music anymore. Since having kids my ears are tuned in to them and when I do have a quiet moment I use it to think or daydream.
I figure that maybe in the summer while out for walks I might use it, but then again I like to soak up the sound around me and.....dream up ideas for new projects.
When do you listen to music?
Do you all have time and when and how do you fit it in around kids and thinking(those of you that have em)?
Those if you who don't have kids I know how you do it....I did before I had kids too. ;)


JeniBeans said...

Aww, thanks for the compliment on my post, Anna! I've always been told that #3 was the hardest but everything after that was a piece of cake.


Yes, Dave looks not a bit happy about having that cold. My youngest son and the baby now have nasty coughs too and they look pitiful.

I really liked that pic of Em with the guitar. Smooth shot!

Your question about music: Normally I only listen to music in the van. However, since it's the holiday season and we have a station that, starting the day after Thanksgiving, plays NOTHING but Christmas music until the day after Christmas, I have listened some here at home. Today I am listening as I bake some homemade bread. Such a YUMMY Cinnamon-y smell. Really makes it feel like Christmas..even if there isn't snow on the ground. =)

I really enjoy your blog...well, all of them! hehe

Kami said...

I just recently began listening to music again. My favourite place in the van. I don't like background noise while I work on my laptop or when I am doing anything around the house really - why add MORE noise, the kids make enough!


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon sweetie,

Just a quick note to ask what I should get the kids for Christmas.

Do you have any ideas?
Toys, crafts, clothes .....

I will be shopping this weekend until I am done!

You can give me a call or answer here.

Miss and love you lots
Aunty Kathy

nicole said...

music schmusic...who has time for that...unless it is Christmas carols.

Family Adventure said...

I listen to music when I exercise. And then it tends to be loud and aggressive -- not at all the music I used to listen to before kids. And definitely not kid-appropriate, as I wrote about this week :)

But during the day -- there's no time for music. I totally know what you mean there!

Lovely pix! Keep sharing.


The Chatty Housewife- said...

The only time I listen to music is in the car or while I am cleaning.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Can I get the recipe for the cookies?????

Madame Bluestocking said...

I am one of those childless-and-happily-ignorant to which you refer. I love music. I have music everywhere, always. For the few months that I had kids, we always had music going in the car, and whenever he wasn't distracted with TV or video games, the little man was always plugged into my iPod rocking out. One of my favorite things to do with my little girl was to be goofy and dance around the house to music. She loved to dance. The whole family always starts moving when there's music on. It probably has something to do with the house I grew up in, but I always felt that music didn't so much add to the noise as steer it in a more enjoyable direction!