Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kaitlyn's First Halloween

As you all know, Kaitlyn's first Halloween was yesterday. She went as a little ghost. She looked so cute, and was the hit of night, at least with us she was. Anna took her out to a couple of the neighbour's places. A warm thanks to Brian and Rose (surrogate Grandparents + Next door neighbour's) for taking Kaitlyn's first 'Trick or Treat' Picture.
As you can see, I was right, she was so cute. They went to a few houses and Kaitlyn got her own little bag of candy. She is still too young, so apparently mother's plan was to collect the candy for daddy. However I am sure that mommy will have her share as well.For the rest of the night, Kailtyn sat with me at the front door. We handed out candy to all the kids that came by. She was talking and and smiling and just having a alot of fun. Here are some more pictures of Kaitlyn in her ghost costume. Please enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, she looks wonderful! Anna, you did a great job of making a ghost look like a little angel! I am certain that the candy will not go bad. I can hardly wait to see my precious granddaughter for real.....pictures are fabulous, but there is nothing better than holding and seeing the real thing! of course I am anxious to see mom and dad as well. love you all. Grandma