Sunday, November 20, 2005

Welcome Back!

It has been a while, for that I am sorry. The Last 3 weeks have been quite a busy time.

On November 1st, Kailtyn, Mommy and I watched Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. So far she has watched 5 of the 6 films. I doubt she will remember but it was fun to watch the movies with her.
On November 5th, we took Kaitlyn to Lacombe to visit her Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Anderson. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson from Calgary came to visit as well and they brought along Kaitlyn's bratty uncles, Tubbs and Castillo. It was nice to see everyone and we had a wonderful time.

On November 8th, we took Kaitlyn to the Clinic to receive her first set of shots. Daddy had to hold her as mommy could not. Kailtyn and mommy both cried when Kaitlyn received the shots. Soon after the shots were done, mommy calmed down Kaitlyn and she then went to sleep. Kailtyn handled her shots so well. She was a little fussy for the next couple of days but there was no reaction to the shots. We were really worried about the shots, apparently there is this whole debate over if the are good or bad and that they may cause Autism and other things. The Lord watched over Kaitlyn and she seems to be perfectly fine now.

On November 12th, we took Kailtyn out to Spruce grove. We went and saw my Aunt Margie and cousin Laura. After visiting for an hour we came home. Kaitlyn and Mommy helped Daddy decorate the house with Christmas lights. She was so cute all bundled up. To see a couple picture please check out the link at the end of this post.

On November 16, Anna took Kaitlyn for her 3 month check up. Kaitlyn weighs 13lbs, 12oz, and she is 24.2 inches horizontally. She is starting to play with her toys more often. She is reaching out to hit them all the time. Just the other day she reached out and grabbed her little bug, that lives on her car seat, and held onto it for quite a while.

Kailtyn is talking...well at least mommy interprets it that way. Mommy starts every day off by playing and talking to Kaitlyn. Mommy will say "Hi Kaitlyn" and Kaitlyn responds with what appears to sound as "Hi". When she gets her diaper changed, she just loves to watch her 3 bear mobile. We turn it on and she watches it go all the way around, and kicks and talks to it, she just gets so excited. Apparently she also says "Hi" to the bears.

Enjoy the new

Talk to you again soon!

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Anonymous said...

HI there,
okay, just when I thought Kaitlyn
could not get any cuter, I saw these pictures. Her mom and dad look pretty good as well. Look
forward to seeing you soon!
Lots of love, Grandma