Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kaitlyn The Eskimos Fan !!

As you can see, Kaitlyn was cheering for the Eskimos to win the Grey Cup. And they did, what a fantastic game and what a wonderful fan.

Well over the last week we have taken Kaitlyn car shopping and to Regina. We haven't bought a car but we did have fun in Regina.

November 27 was not only Grey Cup Sunday, but it was Judy Clark's 50th birthday. That's right 50, I was shocked myself, she doesn't look a day over 49. Anna had planned a surprise party for her mother on the Saturday and we actually drove down there as a surprise to her as well. You should have seen her face when we standing at the door, talk about priceless. So for the weekend we visited with Anna's family. On Saturday the woman had an afternoon tea for Judy's birthday and they guys went to look at new vehicles. On Sunday we drove Home and believe it or not, Kaitlyn slept the whole ride home, less an hour for feeds. She was so tuckered out from all the excitement of the weekend. Everybody seems to love Kaitlyn, but then if you look at her, how could you not. We didn't actually watch the Grey Cup...yet. I did record it and I will watch it, however we did listen to it on the way home. Talk about tense. WOW. Congratulations Esks!! Happy Birthday again Judy!

I will let you go for now, but we will return with more updates after a message from our sponsor.......FLICKR.

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