Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kaitlyn's First Thanksgiving!!

Take a Look at the Latest Pictures of Kaitlyn Here!

Well Kaitlyn is now 8 weeks old, she has changed so much, it amazing just looking as the changes since the first pictures of her that we took. Just think how it will affect us in 5 or 10 years. Well, family + Friends in Edmonton hosted a baby shower for Anna on Oct 3rd. Thank you all for organizing and attending, we appreciate everything. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and love. We are truly blessed to have such loving friends and family.

This past weekend was Thanks-giving. Anna and I took Kaitlyn to Regina to visit with her family as most had yet to see Kaitlyn up close. We drove down on Thursday night after I was done work. It was a long drive, however Kaitlyn was so good. The Drive was looking so good when we had to stop in Vegreville, which is only an hour out of Edmonton, in a 7.5 hour drive. Anna fed Kaitlyn, changed her and off we were. We stopped in Lloydminster (2 hours out of Edmonton), for supper. We ended up being there for over an hour. The rest of the trip was smooth. Kaitlyn was so good. She pretty much slept the rest of the way to Regina.

We had a great time in Regina, Anna's family just loves Kaitlyn. Nanna + Gramps Picard also flew to Regina from Toronto. It was very nice to see them again. We had turkey dinner on Friday night, it was very good and we had ham on Saturday night, which also was good, and then we had leftovers, which were good as well. Kaitlyn was just a little princess, however I didn't really see her that much as everyone was hogging her. I believe that everyone had a wonderful time, I know we did. We came back on Monday, which was rather unfortunate as I missed the Eskimos game. That's alright, family is more important than football anyway, at least I think it is. Kaitlyn was so good during the drive. She slept a lot and only had to be changed twice. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful baby that doesn't cry a lot or fuss a lot. She has her moments but for the best part she is wonderful.

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