Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kaitlyn...All smiles!

Kaitlyn is 9 weeks old as of Oct 17. She sure has aged. This week we didn't really do too much. Anna went and bought a Play Gym for Kailtyn. It is pretty cool. It has lights and plays music. It has all sorts of things for Kaitlyn to look at and play with when she is older. Kaitlyn has out-grown all her newborn clothes and has almost out-grown her 3 months clothes. She is pretty big. The last time she was weighed was when she was 7 weeks old and she weighed 11 lbs 4 oz. Kailtyn is really starting to develop a personality. She is smiling quite a bit now, and she is always looking around trying to find interesting things to look at. Kaitlyn is getting very good at following movements with her eyes, at least until she gets bored. She has been such a gem lately however she is starting to cry more, but not too much. Kaitlyn was supposed to get her shots on Saturday, Oct 15, however she has a cold, that she got from me, and we have postponed her shots until November. I have added more pictures and will keep you up to date soon. PICTURES!

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Anonymous said...

hey kids, just think the pictures
of Kaitlyn are great. She is adorable and her grandmother MA is
too proud of her! When are you guys
going to bring her down here for a
And p.s. Dave, you look pretty good in that picture yoo!!!
Your Mom isn't feeling to hot right
now, so she won't be typing anything. Take care, luv & hugs,
Auntie "M" (Marcia)