Monday, April 10, 2006

The Tides Of March

Another month has gone by and so much has happened.

On March 4th, Maryanne and Chuck came to visit. They were in town for a concert and stopped by to see us before they left town. We had lunch and they were able to see Kaitlyn and hold her. Kaitlyn wasn't all that happy, but this was during her starvation time, more on that later.

On March 11th we sold our car to Lori and Fernando (my sister and brother in-law) and we bought their Durango. Tony and Alex (my nephews) got to visit with Kaitlyn. They love her so much, and Alex is always excited to see Kaitlyn. They came down from Calgary for the weekend and we had them over for supper.

On Sunday March 12th, we had a family breakfast at Walter and Marianne's house. Kaitlyn's Great Grandma McLean was there as well as other family. Everyone (of course) took turns holding Kaitlyn, telling us how cute she is. Like we needed to be told, Just look at her!

On March 24th we went to Regina to visit Anna's family. If you want to read about, you can in the next post.

As previously noted, Kaitlyn was not taking a bottle and would not eat formula. To top it off, because of Anna's pregnancy her milk supply had turned back to colostrum. Not near enough for Kaitlyn!! Kaitlyn had lost about a pound, but we can now proudly say that she has regained her weight, as she is now eating formula. She eats about 5 oz. per feed and will feed about every 3 hours. At night she will usually sleep for about 5 hours then feed and then sleep for another 3 or 4 hours. Formula is pricey, WOW!
Kaitlyn is just like mommy in the fact that she has expensive taste, but just like daddy, in that she is a picky eater. She only likes the most expensive concentrate formula...go figure. Thank goodness she only needs to be on it for a few months!

When Kaitlyn was not getting enough to eat, her whole mood had changed. She was constipated and would go once a week. She would pee very little and she just would not play with anything. She always wanted to be held and was trying to nurse almost all day long. It was a sad time. Thankfully those days are gone, because they were hard on Kaitlyn and mommy. After being on formula for about 2 weeks Kaitlyn had regained her previous weight back.

On March 21 we took her in for her 6 month shots. She weighed 15 lbs and 11 oz. Her shots went well. She cried as did mommy, but they did not cry for long. She was a real trooper.

Now that she takes the bottle, I have been able feed her. It is so much fun. I mean, she may act like a monkey when you are feeding her ( she grabs both her feet with her hands and holds them in the air), but it is cute. She keeps pinching me......Ouch!

Check out the new PICTURES.

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