Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kaitlyn goes to Regina

On March 24th we drove to Regina to visit with Anna's Family. This was Kaitlyn's first Road trip in our new vehicle. She slept most of the way there, waking up to feed and to play with mommy for a bit. We arrived in the late afternoon and visited with Anna's family for the day. Anna's sister, Katie came over as did Anna's Grandma & grandpa Clark. We had an excellent family dinner that Anna's mom had made. The food was good, the company was great. Everyone was happy to see Kaitlyn and they all took turns holding her.

Now that Kaitlyn is feeding via formula and the bottle it is alot easier to go on a road trip with her. I also believe everyone took turns feeding her.

On Saturday we went out to the cottage and spent most of the day there. Kaitlyn spent her whole time inside sleeping, feeding and playing with mommy, Emily and grandma. I spent the day Skidooing and building this huge Fortress with Philip. Emily had pulled out a little 2 person pup tent and they spent part of their time playing in there. Anna and Emily were trying to nap in the tent with Kaitlyn, however she would have no part of that. Apparently, Kailtyn had squirmed her way to the end of the tent and was trying to eat it. Sounds pretty cute, too bad I missed it.

On Sunday we drove back to Edmonton, but not before stopping to see Grandma & Grandpa Clark. When we got there, Ian, Debbie, Lisa and Dawson Clark were there as well. We visited for about an hour, but it was getting late so we departed for home. The trip home was without incident. As always Kaitlyn slept most of the way. She was so happy to be home and to sleep in her bed...I mean our bed.

We had a great time and are so thankful for the wonderful family we have. Thank you. Check out a couple pics here.

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