Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kaitlyn and her Eating Habits

Well today we went to have an ultrasound done. Anna's doctor thought that either Anna was further along or it was twins. Well it is not twins. Thank goodness. Wow, I can't even think about it. Anna is 15 weeks, her due date is Aug 29 th. Everything looks healthy. We saw the baby however it was still too young to tell the sex, so I guess we will go for another ultrasound. That's today's news, now on to Kaitlyn's eating habits for the last 2 months.

As most of you already know Kailtyn has not taken the bottle or eaten formula at all. Well she really hasn't been too fond of solids either. We have tried to feed her solids since about Jan 1 st, with little to no luck. The exception being Arrowroot cookies, as she just loves them. Anna gave Kaitlyn her first one on Feb 15 and she gobbled it up. She has one almost every day. Unfortunately they have no nutritional value what's so ever. After she first had the cookies, she started to grab for the food that we were eating, so Anna gave her pieces of fruit or muffins, which she loved. She likes to hold her food and do what mommy and daddy do, and eat when mommy and daddy eat. Which is a problem because she wants to eat mommy and daddy's food, not hers. On Feb 20 we tried Rice Cereal and some puree foods, and she ate them. Well she ate a little of it and by the 23rd she was eating up to 4 tbsp's. Which seemed like a breakthrough, however she will go through fazes. One day she likes something and the next she does not. Then she will like it again, then she will never eat it again.

Which brings us to the bottle. She started taking the bottle in Feb, but not with formula. Of course not that would be too easy. She likes water and Apple juice. However we cannot give her too much juice and of course there is no nutritional value in water. She has actually been losing weight over the last 2 months and due to Anna's pregnancy she has run dry. It has been tough on Anna, because Kaitlyn is always feeding, all day long, but she is not getting half of what she used to get. She has lost a pound in the last month.


After trying most types of formula, we finally found one that Kaitlyn would eat. It was either that or she had had enough of starving. For the last couple of weeks, we always had a bottle near Kaitlyn, it was usually filled with water. She must have got used to it because, Anna said that she had tried to feed and because no milk was coming out, she reached for the bottle. For the past 2 days she has been drinking formula and using Anna mostly to nurse to sleep.

Well we hope this is the sign that things are going to get better and we hope that Kaitlyn will stop losing weight and get back to being fat.
When we talk next I will tell you all about Kaitlyn's first trip to Jasper. TaTa!

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