Sunday, March 05, 2006

Finally another post...It's about time!!

It has been a while since we last posted. Sorry about that, a lot has been happening. In January we found out that Kaitlyn is going to be a big sister. On March 9 we have to go for an ultrasound and we will find out when the due date is, as the doctors think Anna is further along then we thought.

Over the last month, Kaitlyn's life has changed so much. She has a new seat. On Feb 8th we got her weighed and measured, she was 26 inches tall and was 15 lbs and 9 0z. since she was over 26 in. tall, we had to get her a new car seat. On Feb 18th we installed the new car seat in the car. Wow, she is such a big girl now! She did not like it very much at first, but she seems to be used to it now. Her neck is still n
ot all that strong, so when she's tired her head bobs around a lot.

Her new car seat has lead us to another problem. Our Car. We have a 2 door and it wasn't too bad putting her carrier in the back, however now we have to get in the back to put Kaitlyn in her car seat, it just is a bit too hard. We tried to sell the car however no takers. It's pretty hard to sell anything in Jan or Feb. We finally decided that since my sister and her family needed a new vehicle for her and they had to buy a new truck, to pull their new trailer, that we would switch vehicles. On Saturday March 10th we will be the proud owners of a 2000 Durango. It's not our dream car, but it will match our needs for our growing family.

For two weeks in February, Kaitlyn was a true Canadian. She had to watch the Olympics every night. She really enjoyed watching Hockey and Speed Skating, short and long track, but don't mention the Canadian men's team, as it will make her upset. Apparently however, her favorite sport was ... The Fireworks?

Kaitlyn has also started to eat solids. She hasn't liked solids all that much so far. We have been trying to get her to eat Rice Cereal, but with no real progress. On Feb 15 we gave her her first Arrowroot cookie. She loved it and just gobbled it up, so every day she has at least one cookie. If only the cookies contained some sort of nutrition value. I mentioned earlier that she was 15 lbs and 9 oz., well that has changed. She is now 14 lbs 12 oz. That's right, she is loosing weight. Anna's pregnancy has definitely affected her milk flow. Kaitlyn has been nursing all the time, because she is not getting enough to eat. She is still too young to give her cows milk, however we have given her a couple drinks of Homo milk. She seems to like it once, then doesn't like it. But more on her eating patterns in the next post. I will post again on March 9th with info on the Ultrasound and with more on her Eating habits..or lack there of.

Enjoy these PICTURES ... Until we meet again!

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