Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy New Year, Kaitlyn!

On Dec 27 we drove to Regina to visit Anna's family and to spend New years eve/day with them. It was a long foggy drive, but Kaitlyn behaved excellent, as usual. She slept most of the way there. We arrived at Anna's parents place just in time for Christmas Dinner. They did not have their big meal on Christmas day as they were waiting for us to visit. Anna's mother made dinner for 18 people. It was pretty crazy but fun at the same time. Grandpa and Grandma Clark, Ian and Debbie Clark and their Kids, Stephanie and her husband Greg, Lisa, Erika and Dawson, plus Doug and Judy and their kids, Katie, Paul, Danny, Philip and Emily. And of course, Myself, Anna and Kaitlyn.

On Dec 28 we went skating at the local rink. By we I mean; Anna, Dave, Paul, Emily, Philip and Danny. We played some hockey and i got to try my new skates. They worked pretty good. Anna's parents watched Kaitlyn for us while we went. When we got home from skating Kaitlyn and Emily had a bath together. They both wore their bathing suits, and Kaitlyn looked so cute.

On Dec 30 we went to the cottage. It was Kaitlyn's first trip there. Kaitlyn and mommy stayed inside all day, while the rest of us went ski-dooing and ice fishing. It was a great time (as usual), however it would have been nicer had there been more snow.

On Dec 31 Kaitlyn tried Rice Cereal for the first time. She ate some of it but, mostly she just blew bubbles and let it drool out of her mouth. For New Years Eve, we did not do much at all. We all just relaxed and played games and talked. Kaitlyn was still awake at midnight, so mommy and daddy gave her a big hug and kisses.

On Jan 2 we drove back home. It was a long drive, as always, but she was so good. She slept most of the way home.On Jan 3rd it was back to work for me, so mommy and Kaitlyn had to fend for themselves. Not much has happened between Jan 3rd and Jan 15th. Kaitlyn sticks everything in her mouth, her drool has turned thicker and there is more of it. She has basically stopped trying to talk and is more like saying hmmmmm, and puting her lips together and going brbrbrbrbrbrbrb. We do have some exciting news for the next post, wich will be no later than Jan 25th. Once again please check her new pictures @ FLICKR

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