Thursday, July 28, 2005

First Post Introduction

Just a little background: Anna and I were married on August 23, 2003. We first found out that Anna was pregnant in January 2004. Sadly we lost that baby in February 2004, but we will always remember it.

After waiting almost 7 months, we then started trying to have another baby and in December 2004 we received the wonderful news that Anna was pregnant again.

And this is the story:


Mom Clark said...

Well done Dave, nice site!!!!!! Nice pics of you three!! Hope all goes well too in the ncar future!! lots of love, Grandma Clark....yeah, right!!!!!!!

mom clark's poem for you said...


Build a nest in the golden air,
That blows through the trusting tree,
Far away from the mists of care,
And the waves of the doubting sea.
What tho' the stormwinds rack and roar,
What tho' the raindrops fall,
Your nest is safe for evermore,
In the Hand that is holding all.

Thus ever on through life we find,
To trust , O Lord, is best.
Who serve thee with a quiet mind,
Find in thy service rest.
Their outward troubles may not cease,
But this their joy will be:
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on thee..."

Anonymous said...

Hi David and Anna and Little one:

I love reading your updates...thanks for thinking of
everyone in your life during this
time. Love the baby's
room and can hardly wait to see it
occupied. Keep up the great updates. Love.......

Anonymous said...

hi uncle david i saw your web site and i think it's wicked

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, you will have some wonderful memories. I love you both (I mean all three of you!!)... from your sister, sister-in-law and soon to be one (me and Katie and Emily)of the proudest aunties in the world..lolo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anna and Dave!! We are glad everything is going so well and by the pictures, Kaitlyn looks very healthy and happy as well as you two. Love, In our Lord, Dave, Lorie, Ashley, and Amy

Anonymous said...

We're very happy for you and glad to see all is going well for your family! Your in our prayers! Much love in our Lord Jesus, Warrick, Kay, Colleen and Brandon.